(KRIS 6 News) The city has hired local plumbing companies to go door to door to convince local businesses to come into compliance with the city’s plumbing regulations.  This comes after a citywide water ban in December, in which environmental officials linked a faulty plumbing device to a possible chemical leak into the water supply. More than 1,000 businesses are out of compliance. That’s after the city sent multiple letters notifying the owners. The city has agreed to pay private plumbers $100 per trip to make contact with those businesses. Records recently obtained by 6 Investigates show more than 100 local businesses not following the rules. They include fast food chains, schools, a cemetery, hotel, apartment complexes and a movie theater. The city has turned over that list of non-compliant businesses to private plumbers, but the city refused to make that list public under the Texas Public Information Act. 6 Investigates requested those records, but earlier this year the Texas Attorney General’s Office backed the city’s decision because it said if that information were disclosed it would identify the location of the plumbing fixtures hooked up to the city’s water supply, which could put the city’s “critical infrastructure” or water system at risk. Anyone who has a sprinkler system or water system hooked up to the city’s drinking water supply is supposed to have a simple plumbing device called a backflow preventer. That device must be tested to make sure it’s working, according to city ordinance.

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